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R&B earned my respect and loyalty when they cleaned, lubed, and repaired a turntable before my eyes as I waited. I was amazed as they knew exactly how to quickly remove the platter and motor. Turned out the motor was tight. They had offered me consideration for this turntable, as it had been in for repair 18 months ago, and they came through big time. Old electronics are kind of like people. Value them, be respectful, make appropriate payments, and above all, be grateful.That goes for R&B too . I did not at all expect to come in and be accommodated this way. I was in there 15-20 minutes and enjoyed chatting the whole time as if I was in the barber's chair. I'm sure R&B has many quality relationships with people that are respectful and value quality, much like me.


R&B just did a magnificent repair job on my vintage McIntosh 4100 receiver. They are not the cheapest guys on the block but their work is top notch. They also rebuilt a vintage Sony reel to reel deck for me about six months ago and it is performing like new.


I've used R&B a number of times over the last 10+ years, but always with simple problems such as re-coning my speakers and replacements of belts and wheels. My first contact with them was to have my BetaMax adjusted (maybe more than 10 years). I have been working on an old 1956 Hoffman TV and needed the A-2 tube replaced. I could not find one anywhere. The folks at R&B said no problem and 3 weeks later, my TV came to life for the first time in over 40 years! I do not understand some of the more negative reviews here, I personally have never had an issue with the customer service or the care they have shown my equipment. As for price, I guess you get what you pay for. Don't get me started with some of the "less than reputable" companies around here. lol


No-nonsense, reliable repair work done on your treasured components at reasonable prices. John is an excellent technician, and unafraid to provide advice and honest assessments regarding the condition and 'repairability' of your electronic equipment. John got my trusty old Rotel belt-drive turntable going again with an on-the-spot repair and nary a dent in my wallet. R & B is my only "go-to" place for component repair!


R&B is the real deal, and a real deal! They understand value, not just price- and hope that you will too. Serious technology requires serious time and expertise. They understand, and will discuss at length, the pros and cons of maintaining high end audio equipment. They are incredibly thorough- true perfectionists. Isn't that who you want working on your valuable equipment?!?


I took my Rotel 1098 preamp (which is long out of warranty) into R&B for service. ok - so they took a long time... The preamp had real problems with the digital inputs. I had clicking in both channels and dropping audio during normal playback. It took a LONG time for this thing to get fixed correctly, but I understand that Rotel is a small company and it probably took a long time for them to source the boards. The first repair only partially addressed the issue, since it worked somewhat, but still exhibited the clicking. Granted these pre-amps are complicated and they can't possibly read minds when it comes to how it's wired in every situation, so it's likely that their burn testing missed observing the issue I had with the analog output. R&B took care of ordering a second card and provided free service to make it right. After all was said and done, it is now working as expected. Bottom line is, I'd use them again for complicated/expensive repairs, but, only if I were willing to wait. In the end, I wonder if spending all the money on the 2003 preamp was worth it, but it is a well built component and I'm happy that it's working. They were very professional and followed up after the service, something that most places don't do. So I am happy with the end result.


I have a vintage pioneer stereo with a cassette deck and turn table. No one wanted to work on them since they were in bad shape and missing parts. I called some local stores and they said, take them to R & B in RWC. I took the equipment to R & B, got the estimate and service time. The price wasn't cheep and the time frame was 3-4 weeks to fix. However, the price and times were worth it since they are all working great and look a lot better than they did "clean". I will use R & B in the future for all my stereo and video problems. they are very professional and nice people to work with.


Recently my McIntosh Amplifier suffered a broken front glass panel. I can't even begin to describe how I felt. Immediately I contacted Macintosh and they suggested to take the unit to R&B electronics who is authorized service center for high end electronics in bay area. I checked their website and found that they are in this business for many years and have association with big clients. I met John there. He is soft spoken and very knowledgable. He assessed the unit and assured me not to worry and he can fix glass and as well as other issues if any. And, he kept the word. My unit is running very well since I got it back after repair. I will give 10 stars for their professional work.


I took my Yamaha received to R&B for warranty repairs. The work was done quickly, and correctly, and the receiver works great. The office staff were very friendly both times I was there. I have only positive things to say about my experience.


We brought our 10 year old Fujitsu plasma tv in recently and R and B Electronics fixed it up like new! They were very professional and knowledgeable and made the repair within days. I would definitely use them again and have recommended them to my friends. Thank you for the great service!


So glad to found these guys! Have had many problems with other service on my Rotel and B & W equipment. After many months of frustration with a multitude of speaker, amp, preamp problems and inept repair shops I found R & B. Should have originally of course. If you're reading this you are doing better research than I did. Get it done right the first time. No attitude just trustworthy care.


I had a good experience with R&B. They are busy so I had to wait about six weeks for my McIntosh amplifier to be repaired. Although a long time, they did warn me. They are the authorized repair center for McIntosh products and are shipped items for repair from all over the country and are therefore very busy. My amp works fine now. I especially appreciated John, the front office guy, who was very friendly and pleasant, answered my questions, moved the amp from the car to the office and then back again when it was repaired. I did not find the two other folks I spoke with on the phone to be particularly pleasant or customer-service friendly, however. I will go back if I need to and will recommend R&B to others.


Great company - very helpful! I had a split wire in a small connection housing for an expensive device. The fix was obvious, but there was less than a 1/4 inch of wire available so I know I needed a pro. R&B took an immediate interest in the challenge, agreed it was challenging and then fixed it on the spot with expert soldering and shrink tape. Took them about 15 minutes while I waited and then No Charge! They only asked that I think of them for my next repair need and I sure will! Thanks!


Fixed my Rotel RSP-1098 Surround Sound Processor display and remote problems and its like new... better. Kept me informed of progress and called twice to follow up. The RSP-1098 is fine ($$$) but old unit and I'm pleased I don't have to replace.


I recently had some issues with my McIntosh MC 207 power amp and MC 135. I found R & B Electronics through McIntosh's website of authorized service sites. I have in the past sent them back east to New York for service but after talking with John on the phone I brought them in for repair. I was very pleased with the work they did and the turnaround time was reasonable. After getting them back I brought in one more vintage McIntosh C-20 Pre-amp in for repair. Again a very reasonable turnaround time. All are in fine working order and enjoy them every day. Everyone there was very helpful. I would not hesitate to bring them any of my McIntosh equipment. Thanks again.

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